Shane's Fishing Tips


Got Corn?

Kokanee LOVE corn!  So if you love fishing kokanee, stock up on some good, old fashioned shoepeg corn from your local grocery store.  Sometimes, they'll even have it at your local sporting goods store.


Long Lasting

Shane says if you refrigerate or keep your container of corn on ice, it should last you a few weeks. Just be sure to remember to get it out of the boat and back in the fridge after your trip!


Colored Corn

Shane likes to use colored corn.  1st, he adds a half teaspoon of Egg Cure from Pro Glow to a half-can of shoepeg corn.  Then he adds a full tablespoon of Graybill's Krill Formula and another full tablespoon of Graybill's Kokanee Formula.


Baiting Hooks

Shane suggest putting two corn kernals on the lead hook and one on the trailing hook so as not to affect the action of your hoochie.

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NWBait Graybill's Kokanee Formula 8oz.

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NWBait Graybill's Kokanee Formula 2oz.

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