Krill Formula

Shane's Fishing Tips


Coho Mix

To marinate his prawns for Coho fishing, Shane adds a tablespoon of Graybill's Krill Formula with a tablespoon of Graybill's Salmon Formula and soaks overnight.


Injection Method

Say you've used the brined shrimp you soaked overnight and need more.  Shane likes to use the injection method.  Buy a syringe and inject the Graybill's Krill and Salmon Formulas right into the shrimp while on the boat.


Natural Ingredients

Because of the natural fish oils and bite stimulants in Graybill's Krill Formula, any bait you soak in it will soak in those elements for more fish action on the water.


Hooking The Prawn

Thread the hook through the top of the prawn behind the head with the tip of the hook coming out just above the eyes.  Put a half-hitch on two segments of the tail and you're ready!

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NWBait Graybill's Krill Formula 8oz.

NWBait Graybill's Krill Formula 8oz.

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NWBait Graybill's Krill Formula 2oz.

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