Shane's Fishing Tips


Beauty In Blending

The great thing about Graybill's Guide Formulas, is that you can use multiple "flavors" to mix up a concoction the fish can't resist!  Try Graybill's Salmon, Sand Shrimp and Garlic Formulas with Tuna in water.


Wrap A Plug

Take your Mag Lip or Flat Fish and wad a portion of tuna on the bottom side of the lure and wrap with wrapping thread for intense biting action!


Equal Parts

Shane suggests taking a can of Tuna in water (Chicken of the Sea), draining it, then adding a tablespoon of Non-Iodized Sea Salt, and a tablespoon each of Graybill's Salmon, Sand Shrimp & Garlic Formulas.


Other Applications

Shane says he likes using Graybill's Salmon Formula with tuna as well as eggs, shrimp, herring or lures when fishing for salmon.  Good Fishing!

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NWBait Graybill's Salmon Formula 8oz.

NWBait Graybill's Salmon Formula 8oz.

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NWBait Graybill's Salmon Formula 2oz.

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