Trout Formula

Shane's Fishing Tips


Adding To Baits

If you're using a worm, dough bait, maggot or anything else at the end of your hook, be sure to dribble a little bit of Graybill's Trout Formula for added success!


Something Extra

Be bold and mix a little Graybill's Trout Formula with Craw-Anise, Krill, Kokanee or Garlic Formulas and you'll have other fisherman around the lake wondering how you're catching your limit so quickly!


Scenting Lures

Whether you're trolling or casting from a dock or shore, dip your lures, spoons, spinners or cranks into a tub filled with Graybill's Trout Formula and get ready to set the hook!


"Secret Sauce"

To make it fun for the kids, tell them you're adding a little "Secret Sauce" to their bait or lure.  They'll giggle and laugh and think they're in on the secret...which, THEY ARE!

The Secret Is Out...Get Yours Today
NWBait Graybill's Trout Formula 8oz.

NWBait Graybill's Trout Formula 8oz.

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NWBait Graybill's Trout Formula 2oz.

NWBait Graybill's Trout Formula 2oz.

Out of Stock

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